- Access to the tribe on all devices
- Videos with tips, answering your FAQs
- Resources by me and other members to support you in your start-up journey
- Connect with the tribe, get support, find co-founders


Overcome challenges and create a kinder working culture
- Live Training 22.06.-13.07.21


The Creative Start-Up Academy Online Community
- all in one place to make tarting up and marketing easy: community, online courses, live webinars, 7-day challenges, FAQ videos, Forum, downloadable resources and much more!


1 on 1 coaching sessions - the first is for FREE!* - during which you will - improve your communication skills to become a better and more productive team player - learn to keep burnout at bay and to get out of it if burnout already grabbed you - improve visibility for a career advancement - learn to integrate life and work - establish a healthier life style, inside and outside yourself.

A Business and Self Development Coach, helping Entrepreneurs, Managers and Leaders create a Successful and Thriving Business and Lifestyle without forfeiting their Freedom, by giving individuals the Opportunity to Discover their Purpose and Create their Ideal Lifestyle.