This session can be used to -Gain clarity about your vision or IKIGAI -Gain clarity about your offer/business idea -Set up your mind for success by removing subconscious limiting patterns & emotions through the power of NLP -Set up an Action Plan and Success Habits to reach your goals -(Remote) Career Coaching


I am a certified professional coach & NLP Practitioner and guide you in the process of going from an unfulfilling 9-5 to a freedom-based business and lifestyle. Together we remove any subconscious blocks and beliefs that hold you back from taking the leap or from showing up confidently if you already started.


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Hi, my name is Juliana Rabbi, I am a Career Coach and I help professionals to land a remote job in 90 days. I have +15 years of experience as a Recruiter and I have been working remotely since 2014. I can help you save time and create not only a career, but a lifestyle that makes you happy. ▪️From settling for a job you don’t love to building up a lifestyle and career that you are proud of. ▪️From lack of confidence to taking ownership of your career.

A Business and Self Development Coach, helping Entrepreneurs, Managers and Leaders create a Successful and Thriving Business and Lifestyle without forfeiting their Freedom, by giving individuals the Opportunity to Discover their Purpose and Create their Ideal Lifestyle.