This session can be used to -Gain clarity about your vision or IKIGAI -Gain clarity about your offer/business idea -Set up your mind for success by removing subconscious limiting patterns & emotions through the power of NLP -Set up an Action Plan and Success Habits to reach your goals -(Remote) Career Coaching


I am a certified professional coach & NLP Practitioner and guide you in the process of going from an unfulfilling 9-5 to a freedom-based business and lifestyle. Together we remove any subconscious blocks and beliefs that hold you back from taking the leap or from showing up confidently if you already started.


- Access to the tribe on all devices
- Videos with tips, answering your FAQs
- Resources by me and other members to support you in your start-up journey
- Connect with the tribe, get support, find co-founders


Overcome challenges and create a kinder working culture
- Live Training 22.06.-13.07.21


The Creative Start-Up Academy Online Community
- all in one place to make tarting up and marketing easy: community, online courses, live webinars, 7-day challenges, FAQ videos, Forum, downloadable resources and much more!

Join my POWER to Live More community to get practical help and support with your productivity & digital marketing to get you unstuck, focused and living more. And to give you peace of mind that you have someone 'in your corner' when it comes to running your business effectively and efficiently.

A Business and Self Development Coach, helping Entrepreneurs, Managers and Leaders create a Successful and Thriving Business and Lifestyle without forfeiting their Freedom, by giving individuals the Opportunity to Discover their Purpose and Create their Ideal Lifestyle.