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Hi, my name is Juliana Rabbi, I am a Career Coach and I help professionals to land a remote job in 90 days. I have +15 years of experience as a Recruiter and I have been working remotely since 2014. I can help you save time and create not only a career, but a lifestyle that makes you happy. ▪️From settling for a job you don’t love to building up a lifestyle and career that you are proud of. ▪️From lack of confidence to taking ownership of your career. In my 1-on-1 and group coaching program, with a 3 MONTHS DURATION, we cover the following aspects: ✔️ The stages to get clarity and creating your optimal roadmap ✔️ Your online presence (resume, LinkedIn and cover letter) ✔️ The career and life approach improvement path (mindset) ✔️ The job search accelerator ✔️ Getting access to the hidden job market ✔️ Interview preparation and salary negotiation And much more! You can check out more about my services in my LinkedIn profile ( and also on my YouTube channel – every week I post a new video related to career, remote jobs, LinkedIn, job interviews, international careers, among other subjects ( 🔹If you are committed to improve your career and land a remote job, let’s schedule a complimentary discovery call, to see how I can help you in this process:


In 20 minutes we can help you focus on 1-2 of these areas: Make ergonomic adjustments for your workspaces Understand how often you should move Learn stretches to ease your discomfort Practice wellness while you work Learn productivity tips Receive a full report with topics discussed * This Session is perfect for those who have specific ergonomic furniture questions. As well as for those who want an expert’s point of view of their current workspaces. Let us focus on the most important areas concerning you.


Correct Ergonomic Workspace In One Meeting Let us help you ensure your workspace is set up for you! No matter how small or how large a workspace you’re currently using we make sure it fits your body and your needs. Ergonomics is more than just equipment, it’s about finding a balance between your work-life and the environment you interact with. Let us help. We can help you: Find the correct posture for you Make ergonomic adjustments for your workspaces Understand how often you should move Learn stretches to ease your discomfort Practice wellness while you work Learn productivity tips

So you have the remote job and you want to become a digital nomad but you want to do it right so you don't lose your job? A short coaching program with someone who has been there and done that will help you succeed!

A 3-Month 1:1 Coaching Program for those looking to level up in their remote work career, balance work and life and enjoy more free time. If you are working remotely from home or anywhere and still running into struggles that are keeping you from living quite living your best fully remote lifestyle, then you need remote work coaching! By the end of this program you will feel good about unplugging from work when you want and enjoy more free time to do the things you love!

A great option for those needing a one-off deep dive consult on 1-2 particular areas of remote work, work-life balance and/or working from anywhere.

A free, no obligation call to learn more about your remote work lifestyle goals, your current roadblocks with remote work, and how I can help.

A Business and Self Development Coach, helping Entrepreneurs, Managers and Leaders create a Successful and Thriving Business and Lifestyle without forfeiting their Freedom, by giving individuals the Opportunity to Discover their Purpose and Create their Ideal Lifestyle.

1:1 Coaching focused on your career, interviewing, and resume writing. Sessions can be done on the phone or video.

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